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Outsourced Staffing is the bridge that connects US employers with Ukrainian IT professionals. We combine American quality standards of web development and design with highly skilled IT talents in Ukraine.


​Our team provides staffing services to all-size American companies nationwide  which have an experience working with outsourced professionals or only considering that option to reduce the cost of having their projects done.

15 reasons why outsourcing to Ukraine is a GOOD IDEA:

  1. The highest quality of software developed by Ukrainian programmers. 
  2. Attractive prices and fees. In Ukraine you can get more quality for less money.                     
  3. Mature IT market and high-skilled labor.
  4. Ukraine is a European-thinking country.
  5. Ukrainian companies comply with international standards like ITIL.
  6. Despite financial crisis, outsourcing industry in Ukraine grew on 20-25 %.
  7. Ukraine has won “The best place for IT-outsourcing” at European Outsourcing Excellent Awards -2011 outsourcing summit in Madrid.
  8. No communication barriers: open-minded and creative Ukrainians will communicate in the traditional Western style.
  9. ​Ukraine held 11th place among 20 leading countries in the IT Outsourcing and High Tech Services field according to the 2010 Global Services 100 list.
  10. Ukrainian IT market is one of the most developed in Eastern Europe for today.
  11. Strong educational system: 87% of high school graduates go to colleges and universities, and 35% of those students choose IT related subjects.
  12. Ukraine is the 4th in Top 10 Countries with the most certified IT professionals.
  13. ​For US clients - they work while you sleep.
  14. English is a MUST for each good Ukrainian developer. No exceptions.
  15. Once you outsource IT services, you do not have to worry about IT related problems that your business may encounter.